Tips and Helpful hints to keep your car running smoothly and trouble-free.

  1. Have cooling system checked for condition and level of protection.

  2. Have tires checked for proper inflation and adequate tread depth.

  3. Check condition and operation of wiper blades and fill the washer reservoir.

  4. Check the heater and defroster for proper operation.

  5. Have the battery, alternator, and starter checked for condition and operation.

  6. Make sure the exhaust system is tight and free of any leaks.

  7. Keep your fuel tank filled to prevent moisture build-up.

  8. Check the engine oil for proper level and to see if it is in need of a change.

  9. Check to see that your engine starts easily and runs smoothly.

  10. Make sure you carry your mobile phone if you have one so that you don't need to walk to the nearest phone box in the dark.

  11. Keep a scraper or de-icier close at hand for those icy mornings.

  12. Make sure you can see out of all windows before starting off.

  13. Make sure you have a blanket to keep warm and a pair of boots in the car in case you need to walk anywhere if you break down.

  14. Keep a flashlight in the car.

  15. Check your oil and water regularly.

  16. Carry a first-aid kit for emergencies.

  17. Plan your route.

  18. Check the weather reports to make sure you pack the correct clothing for your journey.